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If you have ever had the "sense of adventure' moment and wanted to fly an is the time.  Call us and set up a discovery flight.  It may be time to pursue the dream of aviation and this is the first step.


​Ferrying, Reposition, BFR, Insurance, Ground instruction, Sight seeing....

Kevin Sloane is an FAA certified flight instructor. Training services for all types of aircraft. Ratings include CFI, CFII, Sea Plane instructor, ATP. MEI. Ferry & Repo service

Other Services...


​Private, IFR, Commercial, CFI. CFII. ATP, Multi engine

see the views.......

​Inspired by the beauty of the Sierras, Flytruckeetahoe was created to operate aircraft as a lifestyle.  We enjoy working and training with others.  Exploring the different "Zones" surrounding the Lake Tahoe basin has been a passion we undertake on a daily basis.  We are environmentally conscious and we practice safety at every turn.

Flight Training